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Estate Planning

A well-drafted and unique estate plan ensures, among other benefits, that your wishes for your medical care, guardianship for minor children, and management and distribution of your assets will be carried out according to your wishes.

Because no two stories are the same, we believe that estate plans should styled appropriately for each individual and their family.

At Nemani Law, your plan represents your voice, your story and the fruits of your life. With a well-drafted estate plan, you can ensure that your beloved pets are accounted for after you pass. You can enact provisions to require your beneficiaries to get an education before receiving assets from your estate. You can make specific statements as to your desires regarding end-of-life medical procedures and memorial wishes. These are just a few examples of the many goals you can accomplish with a validly executed, custom estate plan. A well-drafted estate plan tells your story, and we are here to help you put pen to paper.

Together, we will begin the conversation about what you need for your estate plan. Once we understand your family and your objectives, we will prepare an initial draft of your plan for you. Once drafted, we will begin a series of conversations revising your plan until you are satisfied, and once you are satisfied with you plan draft, we will meet with you for your signing ceremony.

All of this is included in a simple flat fee price. No gimmicks, no surprises. Just talented estate planning assistance at a reasonable price.


We believe in educating clients about the law and its implications. You are entitled to understand the real facts when negative myths about estate planning and probate are abundant and cause understandable concern. We want you to be educated about these areas of law so that nothing prevents you from getting the legal assistance that you and your family need and deserve.

For the most part, probate is not a scary or painful process. What is probate? The term probate refers to the process in which a court of law decides whether the will of a deceased person is valid, in order to allow the decedent’s property to be retitled or transferred to his or her beneficiaries as set forth in the will. When people die without a will, probate may or may not be necessary. It depends on the nature and extent of the decedent’s family as well as his or her assets and liabilities.

In the event that you find yourself in the position of dealing with a deceased loved one’s estate, talk to a probate attorney. Most law firms, including Nemani Law, offer a complimentary initial consultation. Make sure you understand what may, or may not, be needed to appropriately handle your deceased loved one’s affairs.

We also provide trust administration and small estate administration assistance. Nemani Law is ready to tackle some of the tough stuff, so that you can find a sense of calm during a tumultuous time.

Because every client and every estate is different, our probate related pricing is fully customized for each case

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